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Best of Azerbaijan-Nakhchivan Tours

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2-10 people


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3 Days












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Meals: breakfast in hotels 


1 bottle of water (1lt) per person per day


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Nakhchivan Tours


Day 1 – Arrival to Nakhchivan

Arrive in Nakhchivan city Transfer to your hotel and free time. Meeting at the Hotel lobby and start Nakhchivan city tour

Visiting of Prophet Noah’s Monument: This is one of the important places on the territory of the autonomous republic related to the Flood. It is claimed, researched and confirmed that Prophet Noah has been buried here. As Prophets Noah and Adam lived in the same period of time in history, both were caught by the Flood 10,000 years ago. The graves of Noah’s wife and mother are in the town of Marand, in Southern Azerbaijan (south-western Iran). It is strongly believed that Noah’s own grave is in an area called Kohnagala (old fortress) in the town of Nakhchivan. This place is visited by people as a Pir (place of worship). Large-scale archaeological excavations have been carried out here in recent years.

Visiting XII century Momina Khatun Monument: This tomb is viewed as a magnificent monument of the national architecture and a pearl of the Eastern architecture. It is also called the Atabay tomb, or the Atabay dome. Once 34 meters high, the tomb has crumbled over time. It is now 25 meters high following the latest restoration. Until the nineteenth century, there used to be several other buildings, including a mosque, near the tomb. The monument is the emblem of the town of Nakhchivan. It is also the beauty of the town. The tomb was built in 1186 in memory of the mother of Atabay ruler Mahammad Jahan Pahlavan. It is called the Taj Mahal of Nakhchivan.

Visiting Khan’s House: This house, built in keeping with the Eastern architectural style of the 18th and 19th centuries, was a home of the Nakhchivan ruler Rahim khan. The house has a basement and eight large rooms. It is located in the Gadim Gala (Old Fortress) quarter, 50-60 meters from the Momina Khatun tomb. The network (shabaka) style was widely used in the windows of the building. The house was built on a high hilltop called the “Khan height”, which makes it look extremely magnificent and beautiful. There is a spectacular view of the town from this point. 

Visiting Yusif Ibn Kuseyir Tomb: It is the result of high engineering that the tomb of Yusif Kuseyir oglu is the only monument among the tower shape tombs of Azerbaijan in which the pyramidal cover reached our time over the last 800 years undestroyed. The inscription of the tomb says that “This tomb belongs to Yusif Kuseyir oglu, Khaja, glorious chief, wise man of religion, the blessed man of Islam, the leader of the sheykhs”. That inscription shows the tomb was built in 557 by Hijri, in the month of Shavval (Christianity 1162). But in the inscription from the main facade in the left, the name of the engineer of the tomb “It is the deed of Ajami Abubakr oglu Nakhchivani, builder”.

Visit to “Ashabu – Kahf” Caves (as stated in Koran surah 18 - al-Kahf. "The companions of the cave” based on old Greek legend “Seven sleepers of Ephesus“). There is also an Anglo-Norman poem, "Golden Legend" related with the same legend. German, British, Slav, Indian, Jewish, Chinese, and Arabian version of this legend exist also.

Overnight in Nakhchivan.

naxcıvan (1).jpg

Day 2 – Julfa – Ordubad Tour (B)

Breakfast at your hotel

Train ride to Julfa from Nakhchivan city along the Araz River – Iranian border

Meeting with driver in Julfa and visiting Gulustan Monument

Drive to Ordubad City

Lunch upon request

Ordubad city tour

Drive to Daridagh thermal spring in Julfa region. Carbonate mineral silvering water Daridagh is the spring, which one can rarely meet in the nature. In the composition of the water a good deal of amounts of boron, iodine, bromine, strontium and lithium elements are revealed. The water is good for the patients suffering from gastric-bowel diseases.

Return back to Nakhchivan city

Visiting carpet Museum

Dinner upon request

Overnight in Nakhchivan.

Day 3 – Half day Nakhchivan Tour and departure (B)

Breakfast at your hotel

Later you will visit Alinja Fortress - one of the strongest defensive construction of the XII century. During Teymur’s attack to Nakhchivan in 1386, 1392 and 1399 the fortress served as a head quarter and place of treasure of ruling Atabayler dynasty. After 14 years siege Teymur’s army was not able to occupy the fortress.

Return back to Nakhchivan city Travel to Garabaghlar village of Sharur region to see XII century monument: The Mausoleum is located in a village of the same name. You can tell that looking at the ruins of small mausoleums scattered over ancient sepulchral fields and the fortifications with towers. Once there were 10,000 houses, 70 mosques, mausoleums 40 of them with minarets. One of them - Garabaglar (named after the place) has survived until now and making impression on the numerous visitors. The mausoleum is only a part of the complex in the center of which tower slender minarets connected (in the middle) by the portal. From a distance this structure looks similar to the city gate. There are no ruins of fortifications, instead of them stand rectangular prisms on each side of the minarets.

Visit Duzdagh Salt mines Hospital – a unique asthma bronchitis treatment center in the world: The salt mines for natural medical treatment of asthma and bronchitis. The medical treatment is made by keeping the patients in the empty salt mines for several hours per a day.  This is physiotherapy hospital Duzdagh (Salted Mountain) for natural medical treatment of asthma and bronchitis. The Asthmatics are staying in the mountain Duzdagh about one month for asthma treatment. The treatment gives on 80% of positive result. Very interesting place and unique. Duzdagh also extracts food salt.

Drive back to Nakhchivan city. After departure to airport.


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