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Mountainous Shirvan – AZERBAIJAN

Mountainous Shirvan is a godsend for those who want to get to know traditional Azerbaijan better without going far from the capital. Here you will explore historical monuments and spiritual shrines, and stroll through an exotic animal farm.

Mountainous Shirvan

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Mountain Shirvan Economic Region (Azerbaijani: Dağlıq Şirvan iqtisadi rayonu) is one of the economic regions of Azerbaijan. Includes Akhsu, Ismayilli, Gobustan, and Shemakha administrative districts. The Gorno-Shirvan economic region consists of 4 cities, 4 districts, 8 villages, 106 territorial districts and 275 settlements. The economic region is located in the southeast of the Greater Caucasus. The area is 6130 km², accounting for 7% of the total area of the republic. Population - 304.0 thousand people. (at the beginning of 2015) - makes up 3.2% of the total population of the republic. The average population density of the economic region is 45 h/ Most of the region's territory is mountains. In the south it borders with the Aran economic region, in the north-west with the Sheki-Zakatala economic region, in the north-east with the Guba-Khachmaz and in the east with the Absheron economic regions.

Shemakha region is the center of ancient Shirvan, the former state of the Shirvanshahs, a historical region of Azerbaijan. It is located on the southeastern foothills of the Greater Caucasus.

In 1846, after the territories of modern Azerbaijan became part of Russia, the Shemakha province and Shemakha district were formed. On December 2, 1859, Shamakhi was destroyed as a result of an earthquake, the center of the province was moved to Baku, and the province began to be called Baku. After the October Revolution in 1930, the Shemakha district was formed on the territory of the former Shemakha district.

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Shemakha region is the largest center of Azerbaijani viticulture. Famous carpets are woven in mountain villages.

In recent years, the region has become a popular tourist destination. Those who prefer hiking can take excursions from here to the cities of Guba and Ismailly. Ecotourists strive to visit the Dzhanginsky forest, where wild apple, pear, and cherry plum trees grow, and on its outskirts, next to the gorge, sulfur springs gush out.

There are a significant number of historical monuments in the area, such as the Juma Mosque (VIII-XIX centuries), the Pirmardakan Mausoleum (XIII-XIV centuries), the Shakhandan Mausoleum (XVII century), the complex of 7 mausoleums of Yeddi-Gumbez (XVIII century), Ruins of the legendary Kalai-Bugurt fortress (XII-XVI centuries). Gulistan fortress (VIII-XV centuries).

On the right bank of the Pirsaat River is the village of Chukhuryurt, inhabited by Molokans - immigrants from Russia. In the town of Gyrkh Bulag (“forty springs”) there are many springs with spring water. Near the village of Melhem there is a famous cave known for its healing properties. Near the village of Pirgulu there is the Shemakha Astrophysical Observatory (SHAO) named after. Nasreddin Tusi. The first of the largest telescopes of the former USSR was installed here.

The Pirgulu nature reserve is located on the territory of the region. It was formed in 1968 and consists of three areas with an area of 1521 hectares, of which 1362 hectares are occupied by forests at an altitude of 8000-2000 m above sea level. The flora of the reserve includes 45 rare and endemic plant species, many of which are listed in the Red Book.


Mountainous Shirvan Gallery

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Tours related to the city of Mountainous Shirvan


Тур по созданию Ковров


6 Дней

Если вы хотите побывать в Средневековье и посмотреть, как изготавливают старинные ковры, вам сюда!

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Баку-Габала Тур 


5 Дней

В этом туре вы посетите молодой
большой Кавказ!

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NEW LAKE 23.png

Старый и Новый Азербайджан


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Старый и современный Азербайджан - вы сможете увидеть все в этом туре!

gobu NEW.png

Пикник в Гобустане


1 День

Пикник в Гобустане, что еще вам нужно в жизни?

NEW PHOO3424.png

Тур по Баку


3-4 Дня

Незабываемая экскурсия по великолепному
Баку и его достопримечательности.


Amazing Azerbaijan 10 Дней


10 Дней

В этом туре вы откроете для себя все секреты и прекрасную сущность всего Азербайджана!


Баку-Шеки Тур


3-4 Дня

Во время экскурсии по Шеки вы познакомитесь с древностью и прекрасной сущностью всего Азербайджана


Еврейское Наследие

Баку, Апшерон, Губа, Шамаха, Лахидж, Габала, Шеки, Гянджа

10 Дней

Самое древнее и интересное еврейское наследие в Азербайджане


Великий Шелковый Путь

Баку, Гобустан, Апшерон, Шамаха, Габала, Шеки

8 Дней

Самый древний и очень исторический тур по Шелковому пути только в этом туре!

7 GUMBES.png

Кавказская Албания

Баку,Шамаха, Габала, Шеки

8 Дней

Удивительная и загадочная многовековая история Албании до сих пор хранится в Азербайджане


Архитектурные туры


5 Дней

Древние и совершенно невообразимые здания в Азербайджане только здесь!

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