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Resort and sanatorium area – Guba-Khachmaz

In the north, the region borders with the Dagestan Republic of the Russian Federation, in the east it is washed by the Caspian Sea, in the southeast it borders with the Absheron economic region, in the south with Shirvan, in the southwest with the Sheki-Zagatala economic region. Caravans of the Great Silk Road passed through the city of Shabran.



The Guba-Khachmaz economic region includes Khachmaz, Guba, Gusar, Devechi and Siyazan administrative districts. The territory borders in the north with the Dagestan Republic of the Russian Federation, in the east it is washed by the Caspian Sea, in the southeast with Absheron, in the south with Mountainous Shirvan, and in the southwest with the Sheki-Zagatala economic regions.

  1. Geography and Landscape:

    • The region is characterized by a diverse geography that includes mountains, forests, rivers, and valleys.

    • The Greater Caucasus mountain range runs through this area, providing picturesque scenery and opportunities for outdoor activities.

  2. Tourist Attractions:

    • Guba: The city of Guba is the administrative center of the Guba district. It is known for its apple orchards and is sometimes referred to as the "apple capital" of Azerbaijan.

    • Khachmaz: This district is located along the Caspian Sea coast, offering beautiful beaches and seaside attractions.

    • Gusar: Known for its alpine landscapes and proximity to the Qusar-Laza road, which leads to the Laza village and the stunning Laza waterfall.

    • Shabran: The district is recognized for its agricultural activities, including tea plantations.

  1. Cultural Heritage:

    • The Guba-Khachmaz region has a rich cultural heritage, with historical sites, ancient mosques, and traditional crafts.

    • Guba is home to several historical landmarks, including the Qechresh Forest, the Afurja waterfall, and the Qechresh Forest State Historical and Cultural Natural Monument.

  2. Outdoor Activities:

    • The region provides opportunities for various outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking, and exploring the natural beauty of the Greater Caucasus mountains.

    • The Guba-Khachmaz region is also known for its eco-tourism potential, attracting nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

  3. Cuisine:

    • The local cuisine reflects the traditions of Azerbaijani food. Visitors can enjoy dishes such as plov (pilaf), kebabs, and various types of Azerbaijani sweets.

The region, commonly called Guba-Khachmaz, is located in northeast Azerbaijan, north of Baku. It is the closest mountainous area in Baku compared to other mountainous areas of Azerbaijan, just two hours away on a modern highway.

A trip to this region will give you the opportunity to visit the famous Chirag-Gala fortress and the Khinalig settlement, where indigenous tribes live. In the Guba area you will see a cascade of waterfalls on the Gudialchay River in the Tangaalti Gorge. This kingdom of freely flowing water and scorching sun will make an unforgettable impression on you!

You can also swim in the crystal clear streams of the Kinkhirt waterfall, located in the upper reaches of the Velvelichai River, cascading 25 meters high.

The largest tourist area, Nabran, offers a more traditional holiday - there are numerous beaches, shady forests, picturesque bays, as well as a rich and varied nightlife!


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