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Azerbaijan, often referred to as the "Land of Fire," is a country located at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. It is situated in the South Caucasus region, bordered by the Caspian Sea to the east, Russia to the north, Georgia to the northwest, Armenia to the west, and Iran to the south.



We want to tell you about a wonderful country – Azerbaijan, about its unique nature, unique culture, centuries–old history; about the inhabitants of this country - their lives, customs and traditions; about a young state, but already playing an important role in world politics.

Azerbaijan is a geographical name. It is known that the majority of the population living in this territory even before our era were fire worshippers. So, according to one version, the name came from the word "Azer", which means fire, flame. According to another version, the name of the country comes from a combination of the words "az" and "er", used in ancient times on the territory of Azerbaijan. In the Turkic languages, the word "az" has such meanings as "good intention", "good fortune", and "er" — "(brave) man", "son of a brave man", "keeper of fire".

Azerbaijan is one of the most ancient places of human settlement. Time has preserved for us many archaeological and architectural monuments of antiquity. Stone epitaphs, manuscripts, carpet patterns that have come down to us from the depths of centuries will tell a lot to those who know how, and most importantly, want to read them. For a better acquaintance with Azerbaijan, it is necessary to treat it and its people friendly.

The Absheron Peninsula is a peninsula in Azerbaijan. This is the location of Baku, the largest and most populous city in the country, as well as the Baku metropolitan area with its satellite cities Sumgayit and Khirdalan.

It extends 60 km (37 miles) east into the Caspian Sea and reaches a maximum width of 30 km (19 miles). Although technically the easternmost extension of the Caucasus Mountains, the landscape is only a slightly hilly, slightly undulating plain that ends in a long spit of sand dunes known as Shah Dili, and is now declared an Absheron National Park. In this part, the peninsula is dissected by ravines and is characterized by frequent salt lakes.

The name "Absheron" comes from the Persian "aburan" (salt water). It also gave the name to the city of Absheronsk in Russia. According to Conrad Malte-Brun in 1810, the alternative name of the peninsula was Ok odessa.


The Absheron Peninsula is almost the capital region of Baku, because the capital territory of Baku consists of the city of Baku, Sumgait and Khirdalan, while the Absheron Peninsula consists of the city of Baku, Sumgayit and the Absheron district, the center of which is Khirdalan.

The Absheron Peninsula has a moderate semi-arid climate with warm and dry summers, cool and sometimes humid winters and strong winds throughout the year. The peninsula is the driest part of Azerbaijan (the amount of precipitation here is about 200 mm (8 inches) per year). Most of the light annual precipitation falls in seasons other than summer, but none of these seasons is particularly wet. The natural vegetation of the Absheron peninsula is dry steppe and semi-desert. Due to the semi-arid climate, local agriculture requires irrigation.

Since the 1870s, there has been oil production in the world on the Absheron Peninsula. Most of the landscape remains covered with rusty oil rigs. Despite serious problems with environmental damage and pollution, Absheron is known for its flowers, gardening, mulberries and figs. The northern coast has wide, though not pristine beaches, which are popular local tourist attractions.

Firstly, Absheron is home to Baku. In addition, it is also the only place in Azerbaijan with dozens of old mosques and many fast-growing shrines that are being built here, and then you can also see some folk rituals here that may seem superstitious, but they will surely arouse your curiosity. Despite the serious environmental damage and pollution, Absheron has flowers, gardening, mulberries and figs on its natural beauty. There are several beaches on the north coast that are popular with locals. There are several famous lakes on Absheron, such as Masazir, Khojasan and Boyuk Shor. A variety of mud volcanoes are also part of the peninsula. There are villages around the Absheron Peninsula. For the traveler's interest, some interesting places of Absheron are the Temple of Fire, the burning slope of Yanar Dag, several beaches and several castle towers and hovdans hidden in modestly interesting ancient villages. The Absheron National Park on the southeastern tip of the peninsula is also an attraction where you can see wildlife. The wildlife of the Absheron National Park includes a number of birds, foxes, jackals, turtles and snakes. More than 50 species of mammals and birds live inside along with 25 species of plants. However, to get to the national park, you may need an organized tour or local guides, otherwise it may be difficult for you to get there.

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